My Film Portfolio

Mercury Document Imaging 15 second Spots Supercut

I got the privilege to promote my dad’s company, Mercury Document Imaging, in a 3 part campaign!



My lasting impression on SFSU would be my thesis project. Reflecting all I’ve learned over the years I wanted to write, produce, and direct what drives me to be the man I am today.

Full Circle Release Trailer

For two months, my friends and I traveled Europe to discover phenomenal places and beautiful truths. Coming out in one year!


This was an experimental action film using gothic elements and story tropes to further illustrate the amazing poem by Alan Seeger, Rendezvous with Death.

The Golden Age

In an incredible 7 month effort, my crew and I formulated an amazing music video telling the heartfelt drama that follows after a lovers quarrel.

The Maze

For my CINE 310 class, I decided to tackle what seemed to be the impossible. In one day, I had to shoot 8 scenes with 7 company shifts. We had a mere 9 hour window. This psychedelic adventure completed and proved to be an incredibly successful production!

To Fail Better

One of my first serious projects was filmed in sophomore year. Not only did I work with a wonderful crew but also begin to grasp the art of character development.

Kauai 2016

My most recent major filming took place in the gorgeous scenery of Kauai. My family and I ventured through our favorite island and relished the precious adventures as they came.

Alternative Break in Austin Texas

With the first double disaster in U.S. history, San Francisco Hillel teamed up with the Jewish Disaster Relief Corps to help. We went raised money and ventured to Austin, Texas to give support to communities within Austin and other surrounding towns that suffered from the devastation.

The Jewish Mural Project

When I first came to SFSU, I was thrown into the social justice game in an exciting new way. Fighting for the Jewish Mural, I had a new opportunity to get our message across.

The Reality of Reality

I’ve always loved a good wrestle with the devil. Having been inspired by Tarantino dialogue, I became driven to write a script heavily reliant on dialogue to try my hand.

The One Man Mafia

Probably my first serious project in high school, I originally intended the film to be a full feature length. Realizing it’s greater potential in short form, I created an incredibly fun action film.

Les Miserables Trailer

As mentioned in my “Mini-Autobiography” I was an avid thespian in the high school plays. During the production of Les Miserables, the drama department needed a good advertisement to get a full attendance in the audience… Let me put it this way. The seats were filled for all four shows after this was shown to the entire school!

Booty Swing by Parov Stelar Music Video

My first music video was a blast to make. With the classic filmmaker inhibition to get my friends together and make an impromptu film, we found our favorite song at the time and danced away!

Channel Thrive as a Marketing Tool

In it’s original form, Channel Thrive was the name of a business I formulated in high school. Here I provided marketing services and media for The Executives for the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging.

Teen Driving Safety Scholarship

Aiming higher than I ever had before, I began to look into internships and film competitions that might boost my reputation.

Sweeney Todd Announcement Trailer

Another high school favorite, this trailer was used to announce the upcoming production of Sweeney Todd. Going for an abstract approach, it certainly brought curiosity to the theater house.

Whale Watching Adventures!

With the beaming sun and splashing dolphins, how could you not want to bring your camera? I had the privilege to go whale watching with family and friends to see some of the more magnificent bits of nature I have ever seen.

Battle of the Suburbs aka FIRST FILM EVER

My first film ever! Though it was not a serious project nor a project of great quality, it marks a monumental day im my life – the day where I officially became a film maker. Inspired around friends, we turned our neighborhood into the most treacherous of war zones YouTube had ever seen!