Motivation for 2019

I keep hearing and seeing all these proud and glorious representations of the past year. It certainly had its fun memories for myself as well; a few Bonfires, a friends reunion, outings to newly released films, wholesome family time, and many more. Not to mention a few successfully completed resolutions from last year that includes completing a Words of the Day calendar, spending more time with my hairy K9 brothers, and working on myself as a confident man.

But I can’t help but feel incomplete. That’s the truth. When I scrolled through my Facebook first thing this morning, as any millennial would, I see all these stories and posts about success and a sense of satisfaction from 2018. Automatically I felt a bit suffocated from all these success stories. And while I am proud of most of my friends and family who have made it this far, I merely envy them.

Of all the seven deadly sins I’ve envied the most this year. When my friends acquired good jobs, I envied them. When my friends moved away to the excitement of the city, I envied them. When my friends came back and told stories of their easily acquirable fun, I envied them.

And of all my envies none of those following gaps in my life were completed. That is the summary of my struggle to 2018. Now we look to 2019 where those who seem to have everything (and don’t realize it) plan their new resolutions as if the few hours between today and tomorrow mark the next level of a video game.

Here’s what I know: There is no next level. 2019 is another tomorrow to me. And after tomorrow is predictably another tomorrow. Flashback to this day in 2017 right before it became 2018 – it was another tomorrow. That tomorrow marked the beginning of a new uphill fight for me.

I fought depression and blasted out of the hole like a motherfucking rocket. My fingers swept across my keyboard as I sent dozens if not hundreds of job applications left and right across this industry. I ran like cheetahs when the simplest of tasks was asked of me on the job. And I networked like a true entrepreneur expanding my list of professional contacts from 10 to at least 100.

Let it be known: I’m a motherfucking low ground warrior proudly fighting uphill to success. I will succeed. I will prosper. I will Thrive!

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