I Made You Laugh Tonight

I’ve heard somewhere that the life of an infant doesn’t begin until it laughs for the first time. I wholeheartedly believe in that. In some ways, though, that first symbolic breath of life isn’t enough in my opinion. The other half of that life  should be fulfilled by the drive to make others laugh.

So you’re an infant, right? And cells are born and molecules transfer and you build up to becoming a young adult, right? (Because science) What happens at this stage is you realize just how awkward and weak we humans are. We’re so weak that in any given moment of phenomenon consisting of irony or well-placed timing (humor), we rely on a burst of energy expelled out in rapid bursts of air (laughter) to change chemical imbalances in ourselves (general moods). We are reliant on humor… and long story short, humor drives the very chemical imbalance that we call love.

Well, I made you laugh tonight. What a sweet blessing! And I’d do it all again and again and again just to see the dimples deepen and the corners of your eyes sharpen. You see, we had our flings on break and journeyed into the night. Among chirping crickets and howling coyotes our lips touched in the most sweetening ways; An adventure you’d close your eyes for.

Young love. In the simplest of fashions, that’s what it was. Now you’re off being smart. Now I’m off being artsy. I’m about to travel and you’re about to wander the world. What more could either of us ask? But I’ll tell you what, Jericho’s wrath, I’ll see you soon. I promise you that. And when I do, it’ll be a promise to myself to make you laugh that night.

That’s a future goal, you see. It was so rich in the present. And as I live on to see more sunrises and sunsets amongst the vast horizons of our world, I’ll remember the most true of these accounts: I made you laugh tonight.

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