My Seven Deadly Sins

I’ve always believed that one can analyze acquaintances, friends, and even themselves with The Seven Deadly Sins. Christianity and further branches of the faith originally coined these sins as a means to even out The Seven Virtues but also to scare away potential sinners of the faith. In other words it was used as a means of control but later was recognized as a fine piece of historical literature that would remain iconic for centuries.

It would prove iconic even in today’s world as an anime series called Full Metal Alchemist would use the Seven Deadly Sins as their villains – each sin being a multi-faceted character – in this world meant to parallel ours;  a means to create an emotional reaction. This is just one of the many examples in ways the seven deadly sins have been resurfaced. The series tapped into something deep inside myself that got me thinking.

“Pride, Wrath, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, and Envy,” I’d repeat the sins over and over until it was memorized. Why those? Why not ignorance, manipulation, misdirection, or others? After much thought… I still have no logical conclusion. Why limit the flaws of humanity to seven general words when we clearly withhold the potential for far more evil? This finite lexical of unpopular labels are so general that foreigners from other worlds must think we are a simple species.

Nonetheless, my axiom still stands: The Seven Deadly Sins are an excellent way to  analyze one’s self, reflect upon so, and from there improve on it. I encourage anyone reading this to try it, as it has helped me hurdle over some of my greatest challenges as a man.

Ordered from greatest to least:

Pride: It’s as bulletproof as I am thin-skinned. While I’m anxious to be the knight in shining armor – the young dreamer, the glorious story, the thrilling adventure, the life of the party – it’s hard to bare the fact that people have the nerve to question my place in this hierarchy of life. I can’t stand it sometimes as it gnaws at me from the inside, but I can’t show that it hurts or else the whole infrastructure falls apart. The only thing that can destroy anything is that thing itself; Pride will be the death of me.

This cathedral isn’t made of steal beams. It’s never been made of the finer stuff. It’s the particles of dust you sweep under the rug in hope no one sees the flaws in your home. It’s that habit you insist on redoing because it’s “under control” and no big deal. Its that blog post you right claiming it has been perfectly ritten in hoaps that no won catches you’re mistakes because you are such a natural and truly belong in the best sellers section of philosophers next to Aristotle and Ghandi.

Yes, I am a prideful sinner. I will acknowledge it with rigorous rearguard knowing that it certainly exposes something that shouldn’t necessarily be left vulnerable. But this is all understandable and rather common. As a matter of fact, analyzing those around me, I have concluded that pride is a deep and sole drive for many a people. People with Pride, like myself, walk as if totally infrangible. More often than not, it’s their own demise.

Wrath: A rather terrible emotion to have next to pride. It causes the pendulum of emotions to reflect poorly on myself in times. Having pride and wrath in first and second position is like setting a bonfire next to gas station. It explodes in amazing ways and will ultimately catch your opponents off guard. Goodbye to all social norms. Goodbye to all efforts in connectivity. Goodbye to any sense of humane vibes that people granted you. Wrath isolates and is the very trait that destroys in itself.

When pride is hurt, it’s second in command comes in. As muscle to the emotions, it strikes with the intent of malicious result. Think of it this way: While our president is considered the commander in chief, the leader will always have military advisers at his or her side. They are the ones who cause action. Not concerned about peace, it moves forward, only to realize the entire time it has been running backwards.

“Sometimes it likes to imagine evil acts in the face of evil doings. Getting into fights, breaking things, hurting people – all for a good cause, of course. Then I come back to reality and realize how easy it would have been to break the mental stability of society in doing so. Even if it was for a good cause, vigilantes are not welcome here. I’m very positive this would never happen but if it did, it’d cause me social exile. My actions would go against the social flow of life and thus, I’d be rejected. Thomas Hobbes was right.”

-something stupid I wrote once.

Greed: Perhaps my newest acquiring. Greed is quiet, cunning, and is learning the use of laconic rhetoric to get it’s way. I want to tell you more, but that would expose my politics. I have so much want and desire for more; the commodious estates and the richer parts of finer life. This is exceedingly doable and for that, I love capitalism.

Let me put it this way: Greed simmers down Wrath and because of that, I divest from the possibility of deracinating myself. Reputation will derive respect and my ladder will ascend me to a place where Pride can rest easy. These politics are my greatest case thus I shall use it to get my way.

Envy: A primary focus of mine that is now on quite palmary behavior! No longer querulous, it simply remains passive. I’ve come to the point where I realize our skins are all so different. As I said before, Pride allows people to appear infrangible but many people contain Envy. Skin is the beholder of your history. You can see my scars and my youth throughout it: There, I had my appendix removed. There, I attempted to light a fire in safe means at summer camp. There, my heart was broken by my middle school crush.

In the end, I guarantee, everyone at some level despises themselves. No matter how much they claim to “love” themselves, there is always a little habit, or flaw, that uproots and triggers an automatic reaction of self-loathing. I used to feel it more often, especially around my peers but I’m currently peaking and have no desire for it. I love myself!

Gluttony: Well… G-d gave me a stomach, better put it to the test. But hey, I have a membership at gym so we’re okay.

Sloth: Why bother even writing this?

Lust: My least and most sinister sin… I shall say nothing more.

To conclude my analysis, it is important for me to think about these things all the time. I question myself, write down the subconscious, and experiment with ideas all the time. That is how I’ve come this far.

My sins are as harmful as they are ubiquitous and necessary. Utilize them. Embrace them. When dissecting ourselves, our sins are all we carry. They are hereditary and thus it’s inevitable to pass them to your children as hereditament. All you can do is embrace them.



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