Unsatisfied Finish

You walk down a flat barren land and come across a long tin barn. Certainly not a typical barn. A barn that has been abandoned and isolated for years. It sticks out like a soar thumb so much that you can’t help but appreciate the confidence it has by being so unique. You walk in. How could you not?

Upon entering, the ground is made of weathered, cracked cement where vegetation screams for it’s existence to be seen by uprooting itself from the inner depths of the Earth. It only shows how lack of care sometimes becomes its own horrifying masterpiece. How perfect of a place for you.

It’s a hollow place. So cold. So quiet. So simple. You can’t bare to take another step because of how quiet it is. It’s taboo to tarnish that trait. How sumptuous of a mistake it would be to take a crackling, sadistic step. Don’t break the silence. Appreciate it. Become one with it. Drive yourself insane with it. That hollow feeling. A feeling you haven’t felt in ages. The silence is innocuous, so why not let it consume you?

You’re too busy remaining the cockalorum in you are, though – strutting yourself like the wowser you are. Like you’re actually meant to be something in a place that isn’t welcoming to plans and optimism. It’s time to break in to instinct and become one with this pessimistic nature because God knows that humans are the dumbest animal. Turning their needs into greeds and lives into power-driven drones.

How perfect you are to be here in this empty shell of a ghost. Just stop. Interpret the message of the silence. It says… BANG!

Something broke the unescapable anomaly of silence. Just like the titanic, the unbreakable becomes razed. Your ears perk up as the cold metal walls shutter in shock, the way an old man wakes up to the day he knows he will die. How cruel of a trick. What killed that oh so welcomed messenger?

Infuriated, you turn only to see the one thing that gnaws at you. She stares at you stoic-like. How hateful you feel towards that… beautiful… undeniable… sorely untouched past of yours.

There she sits, at her piano – A grand piano, planted by itself in the belly of the cracked, shrub infested floors. Now that she has your attention, she slowly turns her head towards the ivory keys, wide eyed, elegantly lifts a hand and rests her pointer on the highest pitch the instrument could construe.

Everything is still, though. Event time, the most powerful force in the universe, is frozen because it was prepared for that moment. Now that the silence was gone, fate would have its way and sway you to the abyss of its mystery. Like a fly caught in a web, you will not escape it. You are the pawn, and she is the queen.

Never ending, ever so terrifying, the tune crescendos and crescendos till…







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