There Must Be a God

I woke up this morning feeling better than ever.
The sun was out.
The birds were chirping.
Time to embrace the day.
Oh, there must be a God.

I had a dream last night and I was flying in the air.
I try and I try. I try to remember.
The only thing I remember was my friend flying with me.
That very friend just walked by me.
Oh, there must be a God.

When orange leaves dance with the wind on the ground
When they swerve and spin between my feet
When a radical idea shines the lightbulb above my head
That’s when I know
Oh, there must be a God.

There I am, with my gold star out
My pride around my neck and my identity shining bright
And there they go, walking right past me
A challenge, a glimmer, who can be the most peaceful
Oh, there must be a God.

One foot forward, another foot forward
The San Andreas Fault in my stomach splits wider than ever
I grab my wrapped delight marvel at the devious temptation
But I’m not the only one marveling at it. Other, poorer mouths are too.
Oh, there must be a God.

Circle, circle, discussion, debate
Now, it’s my turn

Oh, there must be a God.

My hands are mining for led and crumbs as I walk home.
It’s dusk now but my energy is still high
I haven’t fulfilled my promise to life
A burst of energy with the oath to live to the fullest
Oh, there must be a God!

Boom and zoom, screech and noise
I’m in the backseat on a mission to kill
Faster and faster the vibe grows greater
Though, of course the music maker lives to the side of where we drive
Oh, there must be a God.

All these shots, you’d think I was a firing squad
Clean out the wound with disinfected loaves of bread
Release the split of the dead sea and fill it up with water
I can’t remember how this night began
Oh… m…d.

Damn, last night was story-worthy
I lost my head but it was still worth it
A jackhammer is breaking up pavement that makes my skull
But it’s ok, the sun is still shining like yesterday
Oh, there must be a God.

I’m killing the time by scrolling through the book of faces
I haven’t thought about you in years
Since I’m wrapped by a blanket of community
But then you show up and commit your duty or reminding me of the past
Oh, there must be a God.

An article flashes with a horrifying site
How could I forget that today was the day?
I now have six million reasons, now, to be ashamed
This poem isn’t about them although they all say the same thing in their picture:
Oh, there must be a God.

My phone jingles and rings to break my concentration
The familiar voices of my DNA project
I can smile and feel their invisible bodies hug me
A checkpoint in the week to make it all worth the while
Oh, there must be a God.

And now I lay in my soft college cloud
Smirking at all the possible warmth I could feel
My body laughs to itself as it runs free with it’s release
The sun is still shining and I feel greater than ever
Oh, there must be a God.

Regardless of what I say or do
Regardless of the mistakes I make
Regardless of the flaws that sculpt me right
Whatever happens I know it’s because I whole heartedly believe
Oh, there must be a God.

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