Chasing Things


When people ask me whether I’m a cat person or a dog person I automatically tell them, without hesitation, that I’m a dog person. Know, though, that when I answer this it is not to say which I prefer more but instead how I act more. So yes, I’m a dog person. Does this mean I skid my bottom onto perfectly roughened carpets on my spare time? No. Does this mean that I bark in the most over acted manner possible when the doorbell rings? No. Does this mean that when food is in my presence I begin to beg by eyeing your food while simultaneously treating you with better behavior? … Actually, now that I say it… Yeah, I do. But that’s besides the point.

Have you ever seen a dog chase after a vehicle? Neither have I, but in theory that’s what they do according to urban legend. That’s what they’re excellent in, is chasing. Indeed, I have seen dogs chase other things; squirrels, toy balls and even their own masters when playing with them. Go to the dog park and even more than a dog playing fetch, you’ll see dogs chasing other dogs.

So why does the topic of chasing things matter so much to me? That’s all I do these days is chase things. I catch myself in the dilemma of chasing things all of the time. It’s almost a practice of self torment. But why do I do this? It simply feels innate like the dog’s instinct to chase after cars. When a dog finally catches that car it does an awkward pace back and forth, sniffs its catch and walks away to the next interest. In other words there was no plan. There was never anything to be accomplished in chasing it. It was merely a temporary taste of enjoyment. This rather dull practice is gilded. It covers itself in glory and beauty when really there’s nothing behind it. I’m doing that a lot these days in the sense that I sometimes have the tendency to look back too often. I chase after something long lost that I miss and realize that in doing so I’m not to expect much result from it and that hurts. For the most part I’m a forward thinker always looking towards the future in the most optimistic way possible. Still, this is a nasty habit of mine.

When I make this post, though, please don’t worry about me. I recognize the fact that one, this is natural, and two, I really don’t do this as often as it seems. I do this from time to time in phases. I really am chasing the right things these days for the most part. Only once in a while, I look back and chase what is pointless but beyond that I’m on track and from this point on I know I’m unstoppable- just as unstoppable as a dog’s will to catch that damn car.

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