One could say that I love to fish. Every good fisherman has their favorite place to fish. Some prefer the shallow waters of the Pacific while others prefer the deep waters of the Pacific. Some prefer the docks off the Atlantic while others prefer being on a ship battling the harsh conditions of the Atlantic. That’s how it works, right? Regardless, the way that I fish is entirely different. I don’t fish in oceans nor lakes nor rivers. I fish on my school campus… in the quad… which is a cement paved public area full of people who each have their own individual stories- some that are obvious and most that are not so much.

What I’m really doing is People Watching.

Yes, this go-to pastime activity is what I do constantly while walking, talking, sitting, contemplating, etc.

If you are in my life, chances are that I have fished real deep into the little clues that you carry upon yourself until I am satisfied with a story that helps me see you in a much more enjoyable way.

The person I will be looking into is a person who doesn’t know that I look up to him/her. No names will be given. The truth is I know him/her as a friend but not enough to call him/her someone that I truly know which leaves me no choice but to figure him/her out on my own. 

One day, I’m sitting in the quad when I feel a story brewing up as I watch you from afar. You’re talking with some friends and I’m just sitting there making a story about you:

This person is from overseas as X is in the secret service from his home country on a mission to receive intelligence. He’s/she’s not actually here to learn or make friends but rather to grab as much information as he/she can until headquarters is satisfied. How do I know this? Look at X’s athleticism! X has the ability to take action in any situation. If X were from middle east, he/she would be compared to the skill set that of The Zohan as he/she knows parkour, martial arts, camouflage skills, and most importantly, his surroundings. He/she is very skilled indeed. Despite what his/her natural body can do X is especially knowledgeable with weaponry whether it is the use of blunt objects, sharp weapons or firearms. X, though, prefers blunt objects. Having killed many people, in his/her opinion too many people, his/her demons haunt him/her at night time causing him/her to shuffle about in his/her dreams. Several times a month he/she will have a nightmare.

All this being said, he/she lives here in America not only for the sake of his/her mission but actually has an even deeper reason for accepting the mission. X hates war. X hates all the killing. X hates the hate… ironically. He/she has been exposed to it all his/her life and wished to be put on leave for his own mental sake. The secret service, having respect for X, gave him/her the chance to take an easy and much more calm mission. So far, X has grown a lot since his/her arrival from the airport. X has made many new friends and discovered many new things about the things he/she likes and the things that makes him/her feel good. I sometimes help you in that friend department. Finding time he/she will always enjoy a good day of sitting on the pleasant open grass areas of SFSU to read and relax. You’re always out there. On his/her spare time there is always a party to embrace the nightlife with. During the day he/she works hard to accomplish something new. I’ve been with you at parties. Perhaps there is a chance for X in this part of the naive world we live in. Overall, though, there is a sense of serenity here. Something that he/she has never quite felt before in his/her life. Now, X has many new friends and ambitions to go about here. X exercises and subtly teaches people his,her skills without them knowing it. Why, just the other day you taught me the important skill of needing to let go of the little things because there is nothing worse than dealing with little taunts and teasing comments from peers right? You would know best that there are worse things out there. Because of this, X hasn’t had one nightmare in the past three weeks- a record since his active duty back home.

One day he/she gets a call- A call from home- A not so pleasant call- One of those calls that after so much progress has been made is telling you that you must go back to where you started. X isn’t going home, though. He/she now must go somewhere in this world. He/she tells us it’s a study abroad program in order to cover this up but I seem to be the only one who really knows what’s going on here. His/her friends are sad to see him/her leave but it’s something that must be done. He/she just might die. There’s doubt, but still, it’s something consider when taking a mission- in fact the only mission that X ever took without considering the possibility of death was this one. There’s a sense of safety yet excitement here- the intuitive to create ambition on this campus is almost frightening, that’s how amazing it was for him/her here.

Now he/she leaves to wear that camouflage again. Now he/she leaves to get a gun strapped to his/her chest again. Now he/she faces his greatest nightmare again as he was bred for moments like these all his/her life. It’s time to protect what X loves most- his country.

He/she hasn’t left yet but this personal friend I will miss dearly until he/she comes back. I’ll miss him/her. X, you have been fished and people watched. I have analyzed you and wish you the time of your life… on that top secret mission.

You finish your conversation and turn away to walk to your next class. On the way around you notice me and approach me curiously. I stand up and greet you.

“Hey Chaz, what are you doing here?” he/she says surprised.

“Eh, not much. Just passing time,” I give a little smirk and shake his hand.

One thought on “Fishing

  1. Interesting. I have had days like this also when I can’t figure someone out but you are so creative in your writing.


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