My Waterfront

I would say, I am in love with that classic mobster style- The cold, quick witted minds that run the streets using fear with a dash of class. No mobster was like Marlon Brando’s mobster, though. Perhaps, he was most acclaimed for The Godfather rather than On the Waterfront. However, in my opinion, it should be acclaimed the other way around. So much character and humanistic qualities came from Terry Malloy, a hard skinned gangster who’s family was born in the wrong neighborhood.

I could go on to tell you the plot summary of such a figure but I realize it wouldn’t do this blog any justice given that the plots of my life and his are entirely different. Just know this:

This blog is My Waterfront because the Waterfront was a challenge that brought such a character as Terry Malloy, a narrow sighted pigeon in the coup of injustice that fed as he fed, schemed as he schemed and fought the way he fought, to a place that defined him as a man that stared evil in the eye and turned them naked and ashamed in the blink of an eye.

I strive for power like that. Not power in the corrupt sense but rather power that has the capability to defy the bad and define my identity and for that reason I feel the need to write. Write like never before until people can understand who and what I am. Strength doesn’t come from the hardness in your biceps but rather the ability to see right from wrong and act by that despite the circumstances.

Oskar Schindler once said,” Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don’t.”

This is a lesson I still am learning the nature of.

And as I face this waterfront with pride yet fear, I choose toThrive no matter what the cost. That is my nature.



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