My Identity (A Proper Introduction) –

HI everyone (Yes, I do mean everyone). On here I go by Chaz Thrive Volk, my stage name, but in reality (the reality that goes beyond my imaginative mind and ego) my name is Charles Bennett Volk.

I never really thought much of my identity until people told me I was less of a person because of it. This first happened in elementary school. The first identity that I was recognized for was being “The Fat Kid”. Before, I was justCharles and to some Chaz but to everyone I was “The Fat Kid”. Then, I entered middle school where I was bullied for being “The Jew”. Here I found myself standing alone in verbal fights and, later on, physical fights. In 8th grade I was the victim of a hate crime that left me paralyzed in the dream of bloodthirsty revenge (This is where my imagination kicked in – counting out my desire to draw when I was younger).

SIDE NOTE: Revenge is a more addictive drug than heroin. Just dreaming about it can consume your body’s feelings and movements to the point where your body will literally jerk in the direction that you stabbed your victim in your day dream. I was haunted by the dreams my own mind produced and instead of going to therapy I remained lost in time.

I bring these things up because, like weathering, I was molded by forces around me that I couldn’t control. It’s like… I was a really weirdly shaped rock that started as one thing but then with harsh winds and ferocious tides I turned into the rock I am now. That is not to say that I was wrong for how I started in this strange and unpredictable life. This is to say that I began as one type of person and I am now this type of person. Still, I am made out of the same minerals that compose of my rock form but know that with shape comes new identity. If there is one thing I can say about this, it is that the weathering is no where close to being done which is why I take to heart the word Thrive.

THE above examples are just some of the hardships that I have faced in my life. I plan to share them all with you soon and in doing so hope you stay tuned as I hope to stay tuned with your incredible stories.



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